Saturday, January 3, 2009


Her debut on TV was as Paquita (assistant stage the presenter Xuxa) in 1995. Four years of working beside Xuxa. Where the teenager became a disciplined and studious woman. "While my friends went to the cinema, was traveling to shows and learning to give much value to my own money," said. At the time, Barbara began to study Spanish, English, dance to lounge, and skating etiquette. "I wanted to learn everything because I always thought that study opens the head of people and creates great opportunities," says Barbara. In 1999, 20 years, Barbara premiered his first play, The List, directed by Oswaldo Montenegro. And it started the power of theater and the course of interpretation for TV. In 2001, Barbara wins his first novel of character, as in the ambitious Luiza Porto dos Milagres of Aguinaldo Silva. Interestingly, the first work of Barbara on TV is what today is so that it can to continue the occupation. The actress was invited by the fact that actor André Valli to make the play A Very Strange Story because he liked his performance in Porto dos Milagres. A few months after the play, the season came nearly two years in Malhação, also on TV Globo, as the evil Thaíssa. And then, I was climbing to Lady of Destiny. Producing plays is another plan Bárbara. I love theater, I made it and I do much more. Theater is the basis of the actor "believes the actress, who also dreams of the cinema." Once I read an interesting phrase: Actor has to play, the TV financial needs and deserves to make movies. Give a great satisfaction see your face printed on the screen ", imagine enthusiastically.

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